Science Communication

Recently I made a speech on Science Communication as part of the assessment for my English 128 paper. I think this is a very important topic, so shall post the video here

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Why you must use a password manager

Let's get secure

So first let's review how websites should be storing your passwords: Hashing and Salting.

Hashing takes a piece of data and returns a fixed length string made from that data. When the same intial data is entered and the same algorithm used, the same fixed length string is returned.

You can try hashing "hello" by entering this into you terminal:

$ echo "hello" | sha256sum

Spoiler, the result looks like this, and always looks like this:


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My favourite planet.

I have a small telescope. It's of Newtonian design, with a 3in/76mm main mirror, focal length 700mm.

Anyway, Jupiter is high in the sky at the moment. It's great viewing.

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