Science Communication

Recently I made a speech on Science Communication as part of the assessment for my English 128 paper. I think this is a very important topic, so shall post the video here

Click here to see on YouTube

Please note this was not the version delivered, but a practice version. The assessed version was not filmed.

Some notes and thoughts on this topic

Our society is built on the scientific method, the example I used in my speech was the fact that I wrote part of it while flying from Wellington to Dunedin at ~10,000m (36k ft.) However this is true for pretty much every aspect of our lives, the computer I write on, my virtual private server, my phone and whatever device you use to read this relies on the predictions made by quantum mechanics to function.

I'm not saying that everyone need to understand exactly how their CPU functions, or that the quantum mechanics behind it. Such subjects are complicated and take years of study, something I am attempting to do currently.

However a basic understand of the methodology of science, and how well it works is sufficient.

For example, realizing that science works in the boundary between knowledge and ignorance, but behind that boundary, are well understood phenomenon, such as climate change or evolution. These are not controversial within the scientific community, and are only seen as such because of disagreeing media outlets. Also, GMO != bad.

Now I gave a few examples of how science communication could be done, however I'm not sure how or what specifically works best, this is something I need to do more research into.

With that, a personal update. I have now changed my course to a double major in Physics and Computer Science.