I have a small telescope. It's of Newtonian design, with a 3in/76mm main mirror, focal length 700mm.

Anyway, Jupiter is high in the sky at the moment. It's great viewing.

So, sitting out at around 5AU, it's over 11 earth wide! If 80 more Jupiter masses were added, we would have 2 suns! And it's array of moon's is fascinating, especial the way the Galilean moons are heated by tidal friction, making Io the most volcanic place in the solar system, and giving Europa a subsurface ocean, far larger than Earth's.

Jupiter and moons

It's nothing like looking at it through Hubble, or the Galileo probe, but far more exciting being out on a cold night with hot chocolate and frozen face.

Now remember, my telescope uses mirrors, the image is reversed. Here is what it should look like:

Credit: Stellarium