pubilc static void main(String[] args){

"Hello World; Welcome to William's Website"


Hi, I'm a 2nd year student at Otago University studying Physics and Computer Science. My main interest at the moment is in Physics and Astronomy, but throughout school I was more into Computer Science, so I compromised and started a double major. This webserver is what I use to host random project that need web hosting. There is a collection of random abandoned items running on it still. I also have a github with various projects. One of my better projects, that I got a dedicated server (-well, it's own VPS) for is my image hosting website:

So here I have a lose collection of writings, a bit of a blog I guess. Have a look if you want. It's updated maybe once or twice a year so don't expect a new entry any time soon. I'm probably busy $$ \int \vec{F} \dot\ d\vec{r}$$-ing on computing grad f.

All my content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, No derivatives 4.0. I am normally open to remixing however since this is a personal site I use the no derivatives version so that others cannot twist or manipulate my words. If you want to use any part of this please email me first, and if its something like an image I will probably allow it.


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